Thursday, June 8, 2017

एक चम्मच चयवानप्रश (My delhi diaries )

(One spoon chyawanprash) 
Living alone in an apartment meant that there will be no one to look after me, if I fell sick. 
On one of such incidences, a friend offered his pup (pug), who was just week-10days old. I agreed and he came to drop his puppy to my place. 
I took the little fellow home and thought of keeping him in bed with me, cuddle and pamper him. In all these happy and relaxing thoughts, I forgot the amount of energy puppies carry.
What followed was nowhere close to my thoughts. Little fellow peed in each room (and not balcony), tore the newspaper into pcs and after all the mess, he charmed me, with his little paws. 
In the evening, my friend came to pick him up and I told him how it kept me on toes through out the day. 
He told me, it was his job, "to give you energy" He is just being true to his name ,"ek chamach chyawanprash". 
P.S : He was named after his looks, which actually resembled with a spoonful of chyawanprash.


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