Saturday, June 10, 2017

Train diaries (mydelhidiaries)

Delhi to home, numerous journeys were made memorable by the ppl I met, while traveling. On one of such journeys , I was traveling back home for Diwali. 
I had a friend with me, who was from a nearby city. We both couldn't get confirmed tickets on shatabdi, therefore we travelled by some other train which was neither shatabdi nor Jan shatabdi. It was an experience of traveling in general class, where ppl will keep requesting to adjust for the seat. These 'requests' will make 8-9 ppl adjust in a seat of 4-5 ppl. 
In our section we had 3 ladies (including me) and a few men. After crossing Meerut, these men got down and a big group got in in the compartment. One after another all these men started their requests to adjust. We 2 girls were sitting near the windows across each other and the 3rd lady was sitting next to her. Every time a man from the group requested the lady to adjust, he will say," मैडम दिल में जगह होनी चाहिए, सीट पे तो बन जाती है।" ( madam u should have space in your heart, seat can be adjusted."
After adjusting 5 of those guys another guy repeated the dialog, now this woman lost her cool and said," भाई दिल की जगह तो भर गयी, अब तो फेफड़ों पे बैठ जा।" (Brother my heart is full now, but u can sit on my lungs"
Everyone laughed on her frustration but the mood in the compartment was light. After listening to their conversation we got to know they were policemen, who were transferred to different cities. One of them had a creative side, to keep life easy and entertained amidst of everything. When he started sharing details, whole compartment was bursting of laughter. 
"अरे मैडम हमें तो मायावती जी ने ये कह के ट्रान्स्फ़र कर दिया की तुम यहाँ काम नहीं कर रहे इसीलिए तुम्हारा ट्रान्स्फ़र हो रहा है! अरे कोई हमें यूँ बताए हम कहीं और जा के काम कर लेंगे क्या?"

"भाई हमारी लाइफ़ की तो यही ट्रैजडी है। हमारे तो तीन rules चलते हैं। 
1. इज़्ज़त है नहीं पर बेज्जती कोई कर नहीं सकता
2. पैसा है नहीं, पर ख़र्च चाहे कितना भी करा लो
3. काम है कोई ना पर महारे जैसा बिज़ी कोई नहीं

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